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We're here to help you meet your wellness goals, even when you think you can't. Our coaching starts with a Six Month Fix, so you can meet with us every month (ONLINE, to fit your life better) to discuss your progress, and we'll be around for you to ask us questions the rest of the time. Any classes, workshops, challenges or seminars we hold throughout the month, our members get to attend for free! (Did I mention you can access those online, too?)

Why do you want us there with you as you make your health journey? Because we get it. We're sure you've met the perfect-meal-planning, always body building, "I did this this way, so you can, too!", nutrition and fitness super heroes. That's not really us. We've managed to use our education and experience to fit health and wellness into our busy lives, but we acknowledge that everyone has a different way of making it work! As crazy as it is, your goals may even be different that ours! We have the tools to help you find the time, effort, and excitement to live life healthier, even when life is chaos. The best part is that we love this stuff, so we spend the hours of time researching and put in the brain- and leg-work to help you figure out your best method of healthy living. We're really good* at giving you the support, knowledge, and ideas that you need to be  your best you!

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What People Think

"Start the first step to a healthier you"


"We opt for customization in nearly everything here in this country. Exercise and diet should be at the top of the custom list. Alli Winkelmann specializes in this and can help you with that via Endurance Wellness Coaching - start the first step to a healthier you and check it out!"

- Anthony B.

"Lose weight and become healthy again"

"[I] am hearing a lot from friends and family that they are fighting with inflammation. Alli has some good suggestions and recipes to help you. She is my wellness coach and is helping me, [and] several of my friends lose weight and become healthy again."

- Maureen R.

"She provided accountability, words of encouragement, practical advice..."

"I am so thankful to my coach, Alli, who has helped me a great deal along my journey. She provided accountability, words of encouragement, practical advice and even strategic and tangible battle plans around the holidays and for special events."

- Whitney P. 

"Someone who could help motivate me during the hard times"

"Finding a wonderful coach such as Alli was important to me so that I had someone who could help motivate me during the hard times."

- Sierra O. 

"Works with each of us to our own levels"

"Endurance Wellness Coaching offers a VERY fun, friendly, engaging class!!! I really appreciate that the trainer works with each of us to our own levels, and that no matter what they are, we get a good workout." 

- Yasmine P.

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Everyone needs a little boost sometimes.  We're here to use holistic wellness ideas and tolls to help guide you through all of the craziness so you can live life healthier in your way, with your plan, for your reasons! Ask us how!

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