Lifestyle Workshops


Our workshops, included in your membership or available at drop-in pricing, give you the chance to come in and learn about our monthly topics with other people who are working toward improving their wellness! Get your interactive learning fix, ask all of your burning questions, and collaborate with people who have the same struggles and successes as you!

January: Creating SMART Goals, Not Dumb Resolutions
February: Happy Hearts: Cardiovascular Health
March:  A Trip to the Grocery Store
April: Eating Cheap & Healthy
May: Win your Week with Less Stress and More Sleep
June: Nutrigenomics: Food for your Genes
July: Phytotherapy: Herbal Remedies for your Life
August: Build a Support Group
September: Being Real with Your Schedule
October: The Many Shames of Sugar
November: Mindful Eating
December: Surviving the Holidays

Check our schedule for all online and in-person workshop dates!

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