Nutrition Coaching: Build a Great Relationship with Food

 Here is where the fun begins! The coaching consultation is your leap into the wellness journey, so we know it's a scary click. Don't be alarmed. You're not selling your soul. The consultation is where we figure out what steps we need to take, whether the Six Month Fix program would be best or less structured, periodic check-ins fit your life better. You fill out a questionnaire to both tell me about you and spark some ideas for you!

Not ready for the commitment of a REAL consultation? Try a Breakout Chat instead. It'll give you a couple of minutes to go over the basics with a coach, without the pressure of a long questionnaire. The chat is a preview of what you would see in a consultation, but wouldn't replace a full consultation when starting on a program.  

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The Six Month Fix

  The first six months of a lifestyle change can be a huge adjustment. Over the years, I've seen the struggles my clients have gone through, and never saw a program guide them through such a change! I wanted to change that. With our Six Month Fix, you not only get the support and education through group fitness classes and lifestyle workshops, but personal attention from an experienced nutrition and fitness coach to help you work through mindfulness, food journaling, stress, support systems, and more! Our goal is to make these tools enjoyable, affordable, and attainable. The Endurance Wellness Six Month Fix allows that while keeping you accountable and connected with our healthy living community. In the Six Month Fix, you will transform your lifestyle in a holistic and effective way, addressing journaling and mindfulness, support system, stress and sleep, and goal setting while creating your personal nutrition and fitness plan. 
What do you get with the Endurance Wellness Six Month Fix?

  • Monthly one-on-one nutrition & fitness sessions with a professional wellness coach
  • Weekly group fitness classes
  • Access to the member portal with lifestyle videos and other fantastic resources
  • Consistent support from your coach and the Endurance Wellness Community
  • Excusive challenges and giveaways  

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