Summer 2018: May 22nd to September 4th

PowerFUELED Kids Nutrition & Fitness Program


Fantastic wellness starts with our kids, so set them up for adulthood with solid health habits and knowledge!The PowerFUELED kids program is an interactive nutrition & fitness curriculum designed to get middle- and high-schoolers excited about their health. Every fun and well-rounded class includes a discussion and activity portion to promote interest and participation.

GREAT for homeschool classes, scouts, and after school programs. 
• 16 week program
• Weekly online health classes focusing on comprehensive health topics such as macronutrients or nutrigenomics
• Monthly one-on-one nutrition or fitness sessions for goal setting and plan implementation
• Unlimited access to Endurance Wellness Coaching’s online group fitness classes & lifestyle workshops
• Assessments and transcript details to be included as part of a homeschool curriculum health and P.E. credit 

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