Wellness in your Workplace

 We have found that one of the best ways to make an impact is through the workplace, as it can be such an influential part of a person’s life! By creating community with group challenges, educating through Lunch ‘N’ Learns and individual coaching, and promoting activity in our group fitness classes, we work toward happier, healthier employees for your business. A great wellness programs increases productivity and decreases absenteeism in your employees, a huge plus for your business!

Our wellness program is tailored specifically to your business. We start with a discovery day to find out what your employees want! What type of group fitness classes would they be most interested in attending? What are their goals? What topics would they like to hear about in our weekly Lunch ‘n’ Learns? Keeping your employees involved is the best way we’ve seen to implement a successful wellness program. 

Pricing for our wellness program is based upon employee participation and class frequency. At any point in the eight week program, your employees have the option to take part in one-on-one coaching at a discounted rate, if they’d like to delve deeper into their wellness journey.  

Highlights of the Wellness in your Workplace Program:

  • Fun Team Workouts
  • Lunch ‘N’ Learns
  • Private Group Facebook page
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Access to Professional Fitness and Nutrition Coaches
  • Progress Shown with Participant Wellness Surveys and Bioimpedence Body Fat Analysis

Get Us In Your Workplace

Tell us about your company and how we can help you reach your wellness goals! Corporate wellness programs are a fantastic way to improve morale, productivity, and promote healthy habits in and out of the workplace.