Who We Are

Our Team & Family

Wellness is a family endeavor, and Endurance Wellness Coaching practices this every day! Alli and Joey are a husband and wife team that joins forces at home and at work to built a lifestyle surrounded by health and wellness. Sounds cliche? You're right! They aim to help normal people be healthy, because they're normal, realistic people who constantly create new strategies to live life healthier. 

When you call in, you'll talk to Joey, who runs all of the business parts of Endurance Wellness Coaching, while Alli will be your Nutrition & Fitness Coach (nag/nut/friend). If you come out to a class or event, you might even meet their son, Jensen, who runs the social media and food-throwing part of the business while yelling "HEY" at everyone who is not using correct form during workouts.  

​When you join in on our Group Fitness Classes, you'll be connected with coaches ffrom different gyms and fitness companies who all share the same ideals about wellness: it's a holistic community effort. 

​We all believe that, so let us show you how we live it!

Alli Winkelmann, MS: Director of Health & Wellness

 Nerdy nutrition topics are my favorite. I think coming up with new workouts is fun. Most of my life has been continuing education, with a B.S. in Kinesiology, M.S. in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, and a certificate in Nutritional Therapy.

I've been a weight loss coach, group fitness instructor for both adult and children, adjunct professor for nutrition and fitness, and a corporate wellness program coordinator. I just love this stuff, and every course, job, and experience has given me more ideas and strategies for helping others create their own healthy lifestyle that lasts!

Joey Winkelmann: Director of Business Operations

I've done many things throughout my working career; gold buying, the navy, selling both engagement rings and security systems. Through all of these experiences I've found that I really enjoy helping create opportunity and growth. Whether that's personal growth or a business doesn't matter. I enjoy cultivating and helping shape a winning and more successful future for everyone.

Jensen Winkelmann: Director of Aggressive Mommy & Me Motivation

"Hey, kitty" "Da-da" "Ma'ma" "Yeah" "No" "Ball"